Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems

Urban Shape is a construction company in the Algarve that sells and installs solar thermal and photovoltaic systems in all types of buildings, residential or labor, either in the construction phase or later.

These equipments, which guarantee the consumer an excellent energy saving, should always be chosen for the purpose, durability, type of maintenance required and the desired quality/price ratio.

For more details on solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, please contact our team. We give a 2-year warranty on commercialized equipment and technical assistance whenever necessary.

Differences between solar thermal and photovoltaic panels

Although both ensure excellent energy efficiency, both domestic and industrial, in practice there are actually some differences between solar thermal panels and photovoltaic solar panels.

The former, which transform solar radiation into thermal energy, depending on the system used (thermosiphon and closed circulation) are usually more expensive but also guarantee more income and savings.

On the other hand, photovoltaic panels, which convert solar energy into electric current, are also great options, especially because the installation is very fast and does not require much maintenance care.

Construction and refurbishment

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